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Packing List
Use this packing list for Vacation Courses and Vacation Cruises





Before You Leave…


q                   Advise family of itinerary

q                   Advise local police

q                   Advise neighbor to watch house

q                   Arrange lodging for pets

q                   Clean/set refrigerator

q                   Have post office hold mail

q                   Leave key

q                   Put extra jewelry in safe deposit box

q                   Set heat or air conditioning

q                   Set timers and lights

q                   Stop newspaper delivery

q                   Turn off ice maker

q                   Turn off water heater

q                   Unplug major appliances

q                   Water plants










Document List/ Personal List                                     


q       Addresses and stamps

q       Credit/ATM cards

q       Itinerary

q       Passport/visa

q       Pen and paper

q       Phone card

q       Picture ID/driver’s license

q       Reading material

q       Travel Instructions

q       Cruise and Airline Tickets

q       Tour books

q       Travelers checks

q       Wallet

q       Cosmetic supplies

q       Insect repellent

q       Prescriptions (duplicates)

q       Sunglasses

q       Suntan lotion/sunscreen

q       Video camera/batteries /tape/ power adapter



General List


q       Alarm clock and wrist watch

q       Beach attire, bathing trunks/suit

q       Belts, ties, cuff links

q       Binoculars

q       Camera/film/batteries

q       Cell phone/battery charger/adapter

q       Coat jacket

q       Dress/walking shoes

q       Handkerchiefs/scarves

q       Hats, gloves

q       Jewelry

q       Laptop/batteries/power adapter

q       Pajamas and robe

q       Raincoat/umbrella

q       Sewing kit

q       Dress Slacks, casual slacks, shorts

q       Slippers, scuffs, swim shoes and sandals

q       Socks, hose

q       Suits, tuxedo, dinner jacket, dresses

q       Sweaters, shirts

q       Underwear and undergarment






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